Friday, June 13, 2008

Noah's injury

Well, we had a bit of drama at our house last night. Noah had his first "bloody" injury to date. was soooo sad. We had gone out to eat dinner and had only been home a short while. I was sitting at the kitchen table working on the laptop and Jody was in his recliner relaxing. Noah was walking around the kitchen while drinking out of his sippy cup with the straw. All of a sudden, I heard a thud and then screaming...he was on the floor. Jody and I both jumped up and ran over to him. He must have tripped and fallen with the straw in his mouth because he had cut the inside of his upper lip. It was bleeding awfully bad at first and it scared us because we didn't quite know what had happened. He was crying so hard and wouldn't let us open his mouth to see what had happened. I just knew we would find he had knocked out a few of his front teeth, but thankfully they are all there....whew!!! We cleaned him up, let him suck on some ice and he finally calmed down. He did wake up this morning with a pretty swollen lip though. :-( Bless his little heart...I am sure all you parents out there understand this when I say it is just heartbreaking when your child gets hurt. Thankfully, this was just a minor injury and some hugs and kisses seemed to make him feel all better. He is definitely ALL boy now...I am having to watch him like a hawk- he is into everything and quite the little daredevil these days. It is not uncommon to end a day with a few minor cuts or bruises. Oh the joys of raising a toddler...but, admittedly, I wouldn't trade the moments I have with my son for anything in this world.

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  1. Oh, my...the panic that goes through a parent's heart (and pit of stomach)! We had our first (and only!) trip to the ER in December and it was SO scary!! I'm so glad that Noah wasn't hurt any worse. He is such a sweet little doll. Glad things are OK!


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