Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Own Marley....

My post for today is all about my dog son, Duke. In our old blog, you probably remember me talking about Duke and all his escapades, i.e. getting arrested and having to ride home in the police car, interrupting a little league baseball game by running onto the field and hanging out in the dugout, getting kicked out of both obedience school and duck training school or even funnier, my husband finding him riding sleds down a hill with kids in the neighborhood during one of our snow days. Life is definitely more exciting with Duke being in it!! Well, I have yet another story to add to our Chonicles of Duke- Our Dog Son...we were awakened this morning by a knock on the door. Our very kind and patient Animal Control officer was waiting for us outside with Duke in his truck. Apparently, one of our neighbors had called him this morning to come get Duke off their front porch because they thought he had killed a skunk on their porch. Well, no- Duke is too kind to do something like that (Duke is a lover not a fighter) instead, he had been sprayed ALL OVER by a skunk and the smell was so strong- one would believe that a skunk were laying dead on their front porch. And to make matters worse, now I smell like skunk because I had to drag him into the garage to get him tied back up on his leash. Ugh... I am sure whoever I am sitting by on the airplane ride tomorrow is going to be so happy with me and my skunk smelling self!!! How embarrassing!!!!! So, with that said...I have decided to begin reading the book, Marley & Me, while on my vacation. I have heard so many great reviews about this book and since it sounds as if I have a Marley of my own...I am guessing I will be able to appreciate the humor found in this book.


  1. Oh My Gosh!! That is SOOOOO funny!!! Let me know how the book is - I may have to read it! I hope yall have a stinking great vacation!

  2. Oh no! I hope you are not smelly on the flight. Good luck. Enjoy the book and have a nice trip.

  3. Too funny.
    I have to tell you THANK YOU!!! For telling us about Costa Messa. We went there on Saturday and fell in love. Everyone in our office went and it is now a regular stop we will be making it was to die for! I might have to sneak some sauce home when we come back to VA.

  4. That would be great Tia!!! Oh, I can taste that sauce now...I'm so happy you guys like Costa Mesa!!


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