Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Houston...we no longer have a problem....

Hallelujah!!!!!!! We are back in business...our water came back on last night. Yea...I don't think I've ever been more excited to do the dishes, do our laundry and oh warm bath never felt better!!! I have to give most of the thanks to our dear neighbor, Mr. Wheeler, who was having the same problem and just took matters into his own hands and worked all day yesterday to fix his pump and ours. We are truly grateful to him for his help!!

On a more serious note, my thoughts have been with all those individuals who have been impacted and displaced by the flooding in Iowa and other parts of our country. Truly, my heart goes out to you all and what heartache you must be going through at this time. I am thankful today to have clean, running water. After this experience, I am definitely more inclined to begin working diligently on our home food storage and updating our 72 hour kits. The wisdom in doing so has been proven to me with my own experience this past weekend with our water situation and what I have been watching on the news with the impact of the flooding.

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  1. Jennifer, Thank you for the invite to your blog. Your an inspiration to actually add something to my blog. We are actaully in Iowa this summer and our town was the one most recently hit. It is devestating to see the disasters that can hit literally overnight. I too am grateful for 72 hour kits and food storage. We were without water for a couple days and I can relate how excited I was to shower, do laundry and dishes. I am sorry that you had to have a similar experience. have a wonderful trip. Amy Hunt


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