Friday, June 13, 2008



  1. This song, for whatever reason, has become my theme song. My roommates in college will attest to it as well as my family. I'm known to just start belting it out (it drives Jody crazy that I don't know all the words!) Years ago, I couldn't attend the wedding of an one of my roommates and so at the reception, the bride and all my other roommates requested that they play this song in honor of me...ha...ha!! I don't really know why, but this song has always just stuck with me (sadly, I've never taken the time to learn all the lyrics- hence this video with them should help me out with that...!!)

  2. Your new blog looks great. Now you can finally learn the lyrics. I still don't understand what the meaning of the song is. It's okay, because it's the Eagles, and they sound awesome.

  3. I know...I don't fully get it either...but you like you said, you gotta love it because it's Classic Eagles.


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