Pre-K Princess Homecoming Parade

Friday, October 20, 2017

Last Friday night was the homecoming game at the kid's school and for one of their special pre-game, tailgating activities...they had their annual Pre-K Princess parade.  Taylor and her 3 other friends from class were in the parade as the "Cheer Princesses".  Their sweet moms and I had fun getting together last week to make their little wagon floats and they turned out pretty cute I think.  I have to say they ended up taking a lot longer to make than we expected (oy!)...but it was so worth it in the end to see the girls beaming with pride when they saw them finished. Taylor squealed in excitement when she got home from school and saw hers. It was really precious!  :-)

They were so excited the night of the parade to be able to ride in their floats together.  Jody and the other dad's served as their "Guards" and pulled the wagons and/or walked next to them in during the parade. 

Their girls with their guards a/k/a sweet Dads.  :-)

The precious cheer princesses with their sweet teacher, Mrs. Chesley.

The girls enjoyed getting their faces painted after the parade...

Jody and I were so happy that one of our long-time friends, Milinda, was able to go with us to the game.  Milinda and I have been friends since we were little girls.  It's been so nice since we moved back to East Texas getting to see her more often.  She is one of the kindest human beings I know and I'm truly thankful to have her in my life and call her my friend.  She and I were getting a kick out of watching Taylor and the other girls during the tailgating activities....and the homecoming mums-----wowzers....they're SO BIG nowadays! So much bigger than they were back in our day. 

I was also thinking as I watched Taylor with her little friends, how fast the years have flown by since Milinda and I were just seems like yesterday, she and I and all the rest of of our "Gilmer Girls" crew were running around at homecoming games having fun.  Such fun memories....

Despite the sweltering sun and heat, we had a fun night..... and the girls had a blast at their little tailgate parade.  They were so precious and loved all the attention. Special memories were made together, that's for sure and that's what it was all about.  :-)

Aggie Game Day with Daddy

Monday, October 9, 2017

A few weekends ago, I headed to Austin for my cousin Laura's wedding.  My hubby was so sweet, he watched the kiddos so I could make the trip to be there for her wedding and to have some much needed quiet time to myself.  His law partner had some extra tickets to the A&M game, so he decided to take our crew to the game at the Cowboy's Stadium.  

They were so excited to go with Daddy and I think even more excited to get to eat yummy snacks from the concession stand while there!  :-)

I loved getting all the cute pics from the game while I was at the are a few of them I wanted to share. 

Afterwards, Jody said they all conked out in the car and fell fast asleep the entire drive home. 

Fun times...and special memories they'll always remember and cherish.