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Monday, November 20, 2017

Our new adventure: Raising baby chickens

We got the chicken coop all set up for their arrival...

The babies arrived in the mail about 2 1/2 weeks ago and they are precious.  The kids and I have fallen in love with them.  They love holding them when they get home from school...rubbing their heads and talking with them.  It's so sweet to watch.  

We're keeping them indoors while they are so young and in a makeshift little coop.  It's been fascinating to watch them grow each day...they are already starting to grow their feathers and wings and are attempting to fly out of the coop.  

Gavin calls this one, Kate...

We are so enjoying watching the babies grow.  Once I get all the kiddos to bed, I'll usually go and check on them one more time before I go to bed.  I'll hold one or two-- I've been surprised how calming it is to hold a baby chick. Never in a bazillion years did I think I would be raising chickens...but I have to say--I'm really enjoying it.  They've become my little babies!

I'll share more pics as we move forward with our little chicken project.... :-)

Rock Art Painting

Since moving to the area where we live, the kids have so enjoyed finding painted rocks out and about.    You can read more about the Tyler Rocks here.  

I decided to help the kids join in on the fun and paint some rocks recently.  They were getting bored one Sunday afternoon, so I had them go outside and find and collect as many rocks as they could while I set up our craft table.  When they came back inside with their rocks, I had paintbrushes, rocks, acrylic paint set up for them along with a great book I found with all sorts of ideas and inspiration on painting rocks.  

We then spent the next hour talking and painting in the kitchen and it was so much fun!

Afterwards, when the kids were all finished...they headed outside to play and I set the rocks all up in a box to begin drying.  They were all excited to go hide them the next day.

It was a fun family activity...and I thought they all turned out cute.  I look forward to us painting some more rocks again soon and getting to sit around the table and visit and laugh with the kid again.

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